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When do new members need to pay subscriptions?

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Mon 30 Jan 2012 Web-site up-date

A large number of Climbing Meets and other Events have been added to the PCC calendar including details of the Eastern Moors 6 Edges Walk on Sunday 5 February, the Annual Dinner and Photo Competition on 24 March, and Meets at Easter, May Day and Jubillee Week(end), .......................... and many more right up to the Autumn!

Another weekend meet is also planned and several day meets - details will be added in the next week or so.    There's also been a few cosmetic changes so it's now time to have a good look through the whole web-site and another scan through in a couple of weeks.

Sun 15 Jan 2012 2012 Subscriptions are now due


If you haven't yet renewed your membership, please do so by the end of January.

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